Types of Roof Damage That You Need to Repair

The roof of a property should be inspected annually to make sure there is no minor damage that needs repairing. Leaving any kind of damage for a long time can result in major problems for the roof, causing the need for expensive repair or even replacement. Roof cleaning Woking and repairs are a task that must be maintained regularly to prolong the lifetime of a roof and prevent large expenses in the future. Here are some examples of roof damage that you need to repair as soon as you see it.


Not all leaking can be seen from the inside of a property, so an inspection is needed regularly to check for leaks. Any kind of water leak through a roof no matter how small must be repaired before it turns in to a much larger leak and damages the whole roof.

Rusted Flashing

The flashing of a roof is an important part as this is where leaks are most likely to start. If any of the flashing is rusty or damaged in any way it can lose its form of protection and should be fixed instantly before it develops in to a leak.

Damaged Gutters

The gutters around the roof are important for taking the water away from the roof and the property. If any of the gutters are damaged or blocked they can cause water build up around vulnerable areas of the property, so they need to be repaired.

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