Creating a Zen Bathroom

A bathroom should be a place where one can relax at the beginning and end of busy days, a room where every member of the house can pamper themselves and unwind. Having a zen themed bathroom can really help to create this relaxing atmosphere. It is still possible to have a modern, traditional or retro bathroom whilst still creating the zen feeling.


A zen room is supposed to be a place of solitude, relaxation and mind cleansing. A minimalistic bathroom can help convey this sense of harmony. Use streamlined furniture and fixtures such as Vado bathrooms to bring calmness as well as style. Make sure to de-clutter and hide the storage areas so there is no disorder to ruin the zen feel.


Try to incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone and plants in to the bathroom. Tiles can be made out of natural stone, and the storage and bathtub can be made out of wood. The flooring can be wood panelling, or a natural stone floor is another good option such as granite, slate or marble. Have some indoor plants and flowers to bring in natural life and also make the room feel warmer and more colourful.


Neutral colours to go with the natural materials should be the colour scheme of a zen bathroom. Earthy colours such as brown, beige, white, cream, tan and grey are good choices, although brighter natural colours are also allowed in small doses such as green, pink and blue.


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