5 Unique Date Ideas for Someone Special

If you have met a special person and want to spice things up in the relationship, a candlelit dinner or typical date night is not always the best option. No matter if it is celebrating an anniversary or it is only the second meeting, a date that is out of the ordinary is a great way to bring some fun in to the relationship. Here are 5 unique date ideas to impress the special person in your life.

  1. Hot Air Balloon

Glide together on an exhilarating ride over the rooftops and fields in a hot air balloon. Experience the spectacular views from above and enjoy an exciting ride through the air like no other.

  1. Driving Experience

Feel like you are driving on the formula 1 race day with a simulated driving experience surrey and race head to head to find a winner.

  1. Mini Golf

Get competitive and play some mini golf together to see who has the better swing and who takes the game more seriously.

  1. Brewery Tour

If you are both drinkers, a brewery tour can be great fun and bring new conversations along the way while you try drinks you have never had before. If beer is not the preferred choice you could always do a winery or distillery tour.

  1. Jazz Club

Dress up to your finest, enjoy some delicious drinks and have fun together with some live jazz music.


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