Loving golf and living life!

We all play golf now and then. It’s the type of game that lets you bond with your friends, workmates, buddies, and family. As a golfer, you always want to play at the finest manicured fields that will make your stroke sweeter and your aim more precise for the perfect shot. Tee time is important to help you sharpen your skills before engaging in the game of the day. Hence, a golf driving range will do wonders for your pre-game warm up!

In fact, if you call yourself a pro-golfer, then you should always have your golf clubs ready! At golf range surrey, we ensure that you get the best services. As is the case with every sport, practice makes perfect. Hence, we’ll go all out to help you bag that title (or whatever is up for grabs!) when playing with your colleagues. Winning brings with it a new set of fans and the tides will automatically shift in your favor on many fronts. We let you experience golfing at its prime!

3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping and Payroll

What are the advantages of outsourcing your bookkeeping and payroll?

Whether your business is small or large, and as your business grows, management will always be under tight cost and time limits. While the management team should be focused on growing the business and becoming more successful, it’s not easy to do so without letting the bookkeeping and payroll paperwork fall to the wayside.

Here are the top three reasons to outsource your payroll and bookkeeping:

  1. Financial Guidance

A company that offers bookkeeping and payroll, like Amr payroll Kent would have some amazing resources at their fingertips. So, when your company is in a rut, or your need some advice on your finances, they are there to help.

  1. Go Back to Your Passion

Not many people go into a non-accounting related field of business because they love accounting, bookkeeping and payroll management. Hiring an outside company to manage your books for you will allow you the time to get back into your passion and what you love to do, what you started your business for in the first place.

  1. Getting Access to the Best Technology

Companies who offer bookkeeping solutions are accredited with the best bookkeeping and payroll management software. Like Xero and Sage, to become accredited, the team would have to undergo thorough and rigorous training to be able to provide the round the clock support your company may need, and you get to access some of the best software available for payroll.

Mini Guide to Pensions

What is a Pension?

A pension is not only for old people. It is a tax-free amount of money that you and your employer pay into as a way of saving for your retirement. Sometimes the government pays in to a pension too, and there are also state pensions available. When you want to retire, or from aged 55 onwards, you can draw the cash from the account. Usually an employer or accountant in London will help to set up the pension and payments.

Is a Pension Even Worth It?

The top advantage of pensions is the tax relief, such as gains from investments that are tax-free and tax money back on contributions you place in a pension. When employers place a contribution to the pension, it comes from pre-taxed salary so it will never be taxed. It is important to check your tax bracket when paying into a pension. Better than a savings account, pensions are set up so that they save the most money over the years.

How Much Do I Put in a Pension?

A pension is best started earlier on in life so a larger amount can be saved. Once you have a secure job, either you or your employer should set up a pension. Choose a percentage that you and your employer will pay in to the pension on a monthly basis. When your salary increases, so should your payments. Due to auto-enrolment rules, employers must contribute to employee’s pensions by law unless an employee opts out of this.


Types of Roof Damage That You Need to Repair

The roof of a property should be inspected annually to make sure there is no minor damage that needs repairing. Leaving any kind of damage for a long time can result in major problems for the roof, causing the need for expensive repair or even replacement. Roof cleaning Woking and repairs are a task that must be maintained regularly to prolong the lifetime of a roof and prevent large expenses in the future. Here are some examples of roof damage that you need to repair as soon as you see it.


Not all leaking can be seen from the inside of a property, so an inspection is needed regularly to check for leaks. Any kind of water leak through a roof no matter how small must be repaired before it turns in to a much larger leak and damages the whole roof.

Rusted Flashing

The flashing of a roof is an important part as this is where leaks are most likely to start. If any of the flashing is rusty or damaged in any way it can lose its form of protection and should be fixed instantly before it develops in to a leak.

Damaged Gutters

The gutters around the roof are important for taking the water away from the roof and the property. If any of the gutters are damaged or blocked they can cause water build up around vulnerable areas of the property, so they need to be repaired.

The Different Types of Marble Tiles Available

Although marble is a type of stone, there are many different kinds of marble that come in different colours and patterns. Every kind of marble tile adds a timeless, elegant look to a room, but depending on the decor of the property it will affect the type of tile chosen. Different types of marble come with different grains, vein patterns, colours and shades. Here are just a few of the different types of marble tiles available.


Carrara is one of the most readily available and commonly used marbles. Its colour is usually a pristine white, grey or blue-grey with linear veins that can be small and soft.


Botticino marble tiles are usually a beige or oyster colour with either cream, white or grey thin veining. It is renowned for its high luster, visual appeal and is considered a fine marble around the world.


Emperador marble is quarried in Spain and comes in different shades of brown with irregular veining and fine grains.


Calacatta marble is quarried in the same region of Italy as Carrara and is often confused with Carrara marble as they can both be white with grey veining. The veining on Calacatta marble is darker and comes in thick patterns. Calacatta marble however is much rarer than Carrara marble and is considered by many a luxury stone.

Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil marble is quarried in Spain and comes in a variety of colours, the most popular being yellow and light beige with different kinds of veins.

5 Unique Date Ideas for Someone Special

If you have met a special person and want to spice things up in the relationship, a candlelit dinner or typical date night is not always the best option. No matter if it is celebrating an anniversary or it is only the second meeting, a date that is out of the ordinary is a great way to bring some fun in to the relationship. Here are 5 unique date ideas to impress the special person in your life.

  1. Hot Air Balloon

Glide together on an exhilarating ride over the rooftops and fields in a hot air balloon. Experience the spectacular views from above and enjoy an exciting ride through the air like no other.

  1. Driving Experience

Feel like you are driving on the formula 1 race day with a simulated driving experience surrey and race head to head to find a winner.

  1. Mini Golf

Get competitive and play some mini golf together to see who has the better swing and who takes the game more seriously.

  1. Brewery Tour

If you are both drinkers, a brewery tour can be great fun and bring new conversations along the way while you try drinks you have never had before. If beer is not the preferred choice you could always do a winery or distillery tour.

  1. Jazz Club

Dress up to your finest, enjoy some delicious drinks and have fun together with some live jazz music.


What To Consider When Searching For A Nursing Home

When it comes time to find a nursing home for an elderly relation there are a number of things to take into consideration. First of all, there is often a waiting period for nursing home accommodation and sometimes a nursing home may be to the stage where they are not taking any newer patients due to the overworked nursing jobs in Worthing. Here’s some things to consider when searching for a nursing home.

You may want to know how many beds they have available and if the nursing home specialises in certain type of diseases that may need particular care. If the elderly person has a type of dementia it may be a good idea to check if the facility has a dementia unit.

The staff should also be certified and licensed but you may want to find this out as well. Find out if background checks are done on those that are employed by the facility. Abuse sometimes happens in aged care and it is a good idea to find out about training programs for abuse prevention. Also, check how the facility would monitor any abuse problems. Another item for checking is if any lawsuits or complaints have been filed against the facility.

For those residents who are mentally capable are they able to have a choice regarding their routine on a daily basis. You will need to find out about visiting hours and if the facility has a religious and cultural atmosphere that suits your elderly relatives needs.

You may also want to enquire if your elderly relative is able to bring any personal items with them, perhaps furniture. Also, check whether the recreation areas are a pleasant place and are comfortable. There may be other things you want to check, do this before deciding on the right plan.



Big Road Tripping Plans for 2017? Here’s What You Should Absolutely Know

2017 is just at the beginning and we are all very hopeful it is going to be a great year. If you are like most people out there, you have already made your own resolutions – and if a big road trip is among them, you will definitely want to stay safe. How to do it? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Plan ahead. Planning ahead can not only make your entire trip more enjoyable, but it can add a lot to the level of safety as well. By planning ahead, you will be able to take the best route, to avoid dangerous areas, and even book accommodations that are safe for you.
  • Take your car to be checked. You really need to make sure your car is steady and functional before you go on a big road trip – so be sure to take it to the mechanic before you leave. Your car may not offer signs of trouble, but it may be quite damaged – and the last thing you want is to be left with it in the middle of the road.
  • Install a vehicle recorder. If you don’t have one already, you should definitely invest in a vehicle recorder as soon as possible. Why? It will keep your car safer – but even more than anything, it will help you make sure you have proof in an unfortunate event. Looking to buy a very good vehicle recorder? Go here for a great option – you will surely love it!

Stay safe on the road and have tons of fun!

Creating a Zen Bathroom

A bathroom should be a place where one can relax at the beginning and end of busy days, a room where every member of the house can pamper themselves and unwind. Having a zen themed bathroom can really help to create this relaxing atmosphere. It is still possible to have a modern, traditional or retro bathroom whilst still creating the zen feeling.


A zen room is supposed to be a place of solitude, relaxation and mind cleansing. A minimalistic bathroom can help convey this sense of harmony. Use streamlined furniture and fixtures such as Vado bathrooms to bring calmness as well as style. Make sure to de-clutter and hide the storage areas so there is no disorder to ruin the zen feel.


Try to incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone and plants in to the bathroom. Tiles can be made out of natural stone, and the storage and bathtub can be made out of wood. The flooring can be wood panelling, or a natural stone floor is another good option such as granite, slate or marble. Have some indoor plants and flowers to bring in natural life and also make the room feel warmer and more colourful.


Neutral colours to go with the natural materials should be the colour scheme of a zen bathroom. Earthy colours such as brown, beige, white, cream, tan and grey are good choices, although brighter natural colours are also allowed in small doses such as green, pink and blue.